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It is essential for a highly sensitive woman to have a supportive space where she can come to a deeper understanding of herself and what she needs without feeling judged.



At it is essential for a woman to have a supportive space where she can come to a deeper understanding of herself and what she needs without feeling judged.
Meet Lisa Morrison, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner for Highly Sensitive Women at

Hi there, I'm Lisa Morrison.

Your Guide and Emotional Healer (also an HSP).

I help highly sensitive women overcome mental and emotional obstacles getting in the way of confidence, self-acceptance, and a life that aligns with who they truly are.

Using a combination of deep listening, thought-provoking questions, intuitive guidance and EFT, I'll help you release what’s weighing you down and holding you back - whether that’s energy drains, emotional baggage, or habits you no longer need - and get clear within yourself.

My transformational journey began in 1999 when my mother's diagnosis of breast cancer spurred my own crisis. I realized I hadn't made choices that were true to who I was, so I ended my relationship and left university. I sold everything, put on a backpack and traveled around trying to "find myself". Yup. It was drastic.

I had many amazing, life-changing experiences, but eventually, all this distraction ended with me feeling lost and confused. When I came home, I jumped from job to job, but nothing felt right. Soon enough, I found myself unemployed and living with my parents. I was at my lowest. I had no confidence. I felt like a failure, and I was stuck.

I tried so many different things to move myself forward. Finally, an EFT Practitioner helped clear away my debilitating emotional turmoil. From here, I was able to make peace with myself, rebuild my confidence and begin creating a life that was aligned with my own values and desires.

I explored alternative paths. I trained in Reiki, studied Non-Violent Communication (NVC), certified as a Life Coach, founded Halifax Reflexology and became a certified EFT Practitioner.

The common thread in all of these endeavours is my natural ability to help others with emotional healing and transforming their lives. This is my superpower.

These days, what makes me happy is feeling secure and content in who I am, honoring my high sensory abilities, trusting that I know my way forward, and having the confidence to achieve my goals.

I’m softer. I’m more self-compassionate. I don’t put pressure on myself to live up to societal norms that don’t feel good for me. I live life my way.

I enjoy spending small amounts of time with close friends and family, and lots of time being in nature, tending to my houseplants, reading and researching, growing herbs and greens on my patio and homemaking with my partner (we enjoy cooking healthy food and making things like kombucha, kimchi and canning applesauce).

It's been more than two decades since my own journey towards this path began, and it's a privilege to help other women move beyond old boundaries and into a life that they love.

So come as you are: I'd be honoured to work with you.


In order to heal and move forward, you need time and a safe space to explore your feelings.

I've got your back.

Let me help you:

Identify & overcome unconscious beliefs causing pain and ongoing issues in your life.

Develop deeper awareness and greater compassion for yourself.

Create a life that lights you up and aligns with your truest values.

No matter what stage you're at in your journey, you deserve support.

I'm here to listen.

Here's how it works:


Using deep listening and thought-provoking questions, we'll identify what's holding you back.


With guided tapping, we'll safely release any mental/emotional blocks and get you unstuck.


You'll move forward in your life with greater clarity and awareness (with me by your side cheering you on!).

Some of the results you can expect from working with me:

  • Identify and let go of old programming from childhood and beyond
  • Process difficult emotions, like grief, fear and anger
  • Heal from painful situations in your past
  • Deepen your trust in your intuition
  • Gain clarity and feel more confident
  • Develop more meaningful relationships
  • Create a life that brings you peace
Benefits of Coaching and EFT Tapping for highly sensitive women at

Kind Words from Happy Clients

I received healing, inspiration, encouragement and opportunities to reflect and grow beyond what I could ever have imagined. I am so blessed to have met such a kindred spirit. Thank you for listening, creating a safe space for me, and for sharing your wonderful healing gifts.

~ Stephanie Moise

You were incredibly helpful. I felt such an amazing non-judgmental, free space to speak my truth - which at that time was extremely rare! I'll never forget how wonderful I felt afterwards. You held space for me and I didn't realize how much I needed it.

~ Chelsi Ferguson

Whenever I feel stuck with my position in life, I turn to Lisa. She is a kind, caring, compassionate being with an understanding of how to get things moving again. She also has an intuitive understanding of emotional and mental barriers that get in the way of reaching one's true potential. With her keen listening skills, she is able to hone in on a situation and devise appropriate tactics to move through a challenge. Her compassionate communication methods are an asset to her process, as she is able to be clear and direct in her approach.

~ Kerrie Bennett

Lisa has been an invaluable teacher to me. With her influence, I have learned to manage my finances and confront issues around scarcity and abundance. I can now visualize, clarify and communicate what I need. I have integrated wholesome body care and created more balance. Most importantly, I was inspired to study Non-violent Communication (NVC), which has transformed my life. Lisa has brought so much harmony, hope and clarity to many of the conflicts I've had.

~ Selah Koile

I've had the pleasure of witnessing Lisa's formidable communication skills many times. I have come to respect Lisa's honesty, her ability to listen and truly hear the core of what a person is trying to express, as well as the clarity with which she can see complex situations. Interacting with Lisa has always been a thoroughly satisfying experience. She is lovely and insightful and consistently able to help me make forward progress when I'm feeling stuck.

~Erinn Doncaster

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Halifax, NS (CANADA)


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